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 Policies and Guidelines - Password construction policy/السياسات والإرشادات - سياسة إنشاء كلمة المرور

The following password policies are being technically enforced to help users using strong password to access ZU network resources: /يتم فرض سياسات كلمات المرور التالية من الناحية الفنية لمساعدة المستخدمين على استخدام كلمة مرور قوية للوصول إلى موارد شبكة ZU:

  • Password must be 8 characters or longer. 

  • Password must NOT be based on your username. 

  • Password must contain characters from at least three different Character Sets. ([A-Z], [a-z], [0-9], [Special characters such as $ and @]). 

  • Password to be changed every 90 days. 

  • Password must be different from your current password and previous five passwords. 


Password protection guidelines Users are requested to the follow the below guideline to protect passwords: 

  • Do not share your ZU passwords with anyone, including administrative assistants and secretaries. 

  • All passwords are to be treated as sensitive, confidential ZU information. 

  • Do not reveal your password over phone to anyone, in an email message or in front of others. 

  • Do not reveal a password in questionnaires. 

  • Do not use the ‘Remember Password’ feature of applications (e.g.Outlook, Web-Mail, etc.). 

  • If you feel your password is suspected to be compromised, change it immediately. 

  • Do not write passwords down and store them anywhere in your office. 

  • Do not store passwords in a file on ANY computer system (including mobiles, smartphones or similar devices) without encryption. 

  • Do not contain whole words in any language, including slang, dialect, jargon, etc. 

  • Passwords not to be based on personal information, names or birthdates of family members, etc. 

  • Password should be easy for the user to remember but difficult for others to guess.